Linking Cybersecurity Knowledge: Cybersecurity Information Discovery Mechanism


To cope with increasing amount of cyber threats, organizations need to share cybersecurity information beyond the borders of organizations, countries, and even languages. Assorted organizations built repositories that store and provide XML-based cybersecurity information on the Internet. Among them are NVD [1], OSVDB [2], and JVN [3], and more cybersecurity information from various organizations from various countries will be available in the Internet. However, users are unaware of all of them. To advance information sharing, users need to be aware of them and be capable of identifying and locating cybersecurity information across such repositories by the parties who need that, and then obtaining the information over networks. This paper proposes a discovery mechanism, which identifies and locates sources and types of cybersecurity information and exchanges the information over networks. The mechanism uses the ontology of cybersecurity information [4] to incorporate assorted format of such information so that it can maintain future extensibility. It generates RDF-based metadata from XML-based cybersecurity information through the use of XSLT. This paper also introduces an implementation of the proposed mechanism and discusses extensibility and usability of the proposed mechanism.

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