Linking 1D coastal ocean modelling to environmental management: an ensemble approach

  title={Linking 1D coastal ocean modelling to environmental management: an ensemble approach},
  author={Giulia Mussap and Marco Zavatarelli and Nadia Pinardi},
  journal={Ocean Dynamics},
The use of a one-dimensional interdisciplinary numerical model of the coastal ocean as a tool contributing to the formulation of ecosystem-based management (EBM) is explored. The focus is on the definition of an experimental design based on ensemble simulations, integrating variability linked to scenarios (characterised by changes in the system forcing) and to the concurrent variation of selected, and poorly constrained, model parameters. The modelling system used was previously specifically… 

Synergising decision making and interventions across human health and environment: concepts for designing a model for infectious diseases

The impact of environmental factors on human health outcomes is well established. It is therefore not surprising that interventions aimed at improving human health are often environmental-based, such

Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation of Several Typical Types of Marine Development: A Case Study of Jiangsu Province, China

ABSTRACT Gao, S.; Sun, H.H.; Ma, M.S.; Lu, Y.Y.; Cao, G.X.; Zhao, L., and Liu, W., 2020. Comprehensive benefit evaluation of several typical types of marine development: A case study of Jiangsu

Editorial—the 8th International Workshop on Modeling the Ocean (IWMO 2016) in Bologna, Italy, June 7–10, 2016

The 8th International Workshop on Modeling the Ocean (IWMO 2016) was held on June 7–10, 2016, at one of the oldest universities in Europe—the University of Bologna in Italy (founded 1088 A.D.). The



Ensemble Modeling of the Baltic Sea Ecosystem to Provide Scenarios for Management

A multi-model ensemble study for the Baltic Sea is presented, and the combined impact of changing climate, external nutrient supply, and fisheries on the marine ecosystem is investigated to raise awareness of climate change, environmental problems, and possible abatement strategies among the general public using geovisualization.

Calibration and validation of a one-dimensional complex marine biogeochemical flux model in different areas of the northern Adriatic shelf

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Assessing marine ecosystem model properties from ensemble calculations

Link or sink: a modelling interpretation of the open Baltic biogeochemistry

Abstract. A 1-D model system, consisting of the 1-D version of the Princeton Ocean Model (POM) coupled with the European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model (ERSEM) has been applied to a sub-basin of the

Response of a complex ecosystem model of the northern Adriatic Sea to a regional climate change scenario

This paper investigates the impact of a regional climate change scenario on an ecosys- tem model of the northern Adriatic Sea. The study was performed by applying a biogeochemical bio- mass-based

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This paper investigates the impacts of different turbulence models on the biological state at an ocean station in the northern Adriatic sea, named S3, comparing them with other uncertainties inherent

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One-dimensional ecosystem model tests in the Po Prodelta area (Northern Adriatic Sea)