Linked and open data: RDA and bibliographic control

  title={Linked and open data: RDA and bibliographic control},
  author={Alan Danskin},
RDA: Resource Description and Access, is a new cataloguing standard which will replace the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd edition, which has been widely used in libraries since 1981. RDA, like AACR2, is a content standard providing guidance and instruction on how to identify and record attributes or properties of resources which are significant for discovery. RDA is also an implementation of the FRBR and FRAD models. The RDA element set and vocabularies are being published on the Open… 

Implementing Resource, Description, and Access in a time of change in the small academic library

Challenges in Resource, Description, and Access implementation in a small academic library are examined and how to overcome them with training, practice, and time is examined.

Beyond the Pillars of Hercules: Linked data and cultural heritage

The article deals with the essential articulation of semantic web and its application in the universe of libraries, and the opportunity to use shared languages, meta-languages, controlled vocabularies and ontologies that are able to meet the need for automatic processing.

Understanding and Reviewing RDA Vocabularies in RDF: A Multi-Layer Framework Approach

A framework to understand and review the present and possible RDA Vocabularies in RDF after the 3 R Project is proposed, while some points need further consideration.

RDA in Europe : Implementations and perceptions

This research explored the implementations and perceptions of the Resource Description and Access (RDA) cataloguing standard in Europe. It refers to the development and implementation of the standard

Enforcing legal deposit in the digital era: a case of Zimbabwe

The pervasive nature of dynamic modern technologies makes it imperative to explore the challenges of enforcing legal deposit in the context of the Internet. This paper seeks to describe the functions

Resource Description and Access in Europe: Implementations and perceptions

The European implementation drives forward the internationalisation of RDA by actively seeking solutions to the issues in the new standard arising from the cultural and linguistic diversity.



Distinguishing Content from Carrier: The RDA/ONIX Framework for Resource Categorization

Although it is being developed for use primarily in libraries, RDA aims to attain an effective level of alignment with the metadata standards used in related communities such as archives, museums and publishers, and to provide a better fit with emerging database technologies.

Functional Requirements for Authority Data: A Conceptual Model

This book represents an important part of the extension and expansion of the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records. It contains an analysis of attributes of various entities that are the

Relationships in the Organization of Knowledge

This chapter discusses relationships among Knowledge Structures: Vocabulary Integration within a Subject Domain O.S. Bean, R.A. Green, and Standards for Relationships between Subject Indexing Terms.

IFLA Study Group on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records

Funktionella krav på bibliografiska poster [Elektronisk resurs] : slutrapport / av IFLA Study Group on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records ; utgiven av Svensk biblioteksförenings

Five years on

  • W. Bonfield
  • Education
    Journal of The Royal Society Interface
  • 2009
This issue marks the fifth anniversary of the launch of Journal of the Royal Society Interface and it became apparent that the traditional distinction between the physical sciences, including mathematics, and the biological sciences was becoming ever more blurred.

Mapping ISBD Area 0 vocabularies to RDA carrier and content

  • Mapping ISBD Area 0 vocabularies to RDA carrier and content
  • 2011

Mapping ISBD and RDA element sets: briefing/discussion paper

  • Mapping ISBD and RDA element sets: briefing/discussion paper
  • 2011

Linked and open data : RDA and bibliographic control ”

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