Linkage Maps of Wheat Stripe Rust Resistance Genes Yr5 and Yr15 for Use in Marker-Assisted Selection

  title={Linkage Maps of Wheat Stripe Rust Resistance Genes Yr5 and Yr15 for Use in Marker-Assisted Selection},
  author={Lesley R. Murphy and D. Santra and K. Kidwell and G. Yan and X. Chen and K. G. Campbell},
  journal={Crop Science},
Stripe rust (caused by Puccinia striiformis Westend. f. sp. tritici Eriks.) is a serious disease of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Resistance genes Yr5 and Yr15 are the only known all-stage resistance genes that defeat all stripe rust races currently found in the United States. Previously mapped markers for these genes, however, show limited polymorphism across diverse genotypes and/or map at a distance from the genes, reducing the effectiveness of marker-assisted selection. Our objective was to… Expand
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