Link of a new type of apoptosis-inducing gene ASY/Nogo-B to human cancer

  title={Link of a new type of apoptosis-inducing gene ASY/Nogo-B to human cancer},
  author={Qin Li and B. J. Qi and Kiyomasa Oka and Misuzu Shimakage and Naohisa Yoshioka and Hirokazu Inoue and Akira Hakura and Ken Kodama and Eric John Stanbridge and Masuo Yutsudo},
Although apoptosis plays an essential role in the embryogenesis and homeostasis of multicellular organisms, this mechanism has not yet been fully clarified. We isolated a novel human apoptosis-inducing gene, ASY, which encodes an endoplasmic reticulum-targeting protein without any known apoptosis-related motifs. This gene is identical to the Nogo-B, a splice variant of the Nogo-A which has recently been shown to be an inhibitor of neuronal regeneration in the central nervous system. Ectopic… CONTINUE READING
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