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Link Rot: How the Inaccessibility of Electronic Citations Affects the Quality of New Zealand Scholarly Literature

  title={Link Rot: How the Inaccessibility of Electronic Citations Affects the Quality of New Zealand Scholarly Literature},
  author={Ailsa Parker},
“Link rot” or the decay of a URL as a result of removal of its website, content change or redirection, is recognised as a major problem in a variety of information retrieval areas. Library catalogues, distance learning resources and reference lists within scholarly literature are all affected. Within reference lists of scholarly articles, various trends have been researched and identified. An increase in the use of electronic citations has been paralleled by the decay of their links. Rates of… Expand
On the relationship between citations and appearances on "top 25" download lists in the International Journal of Accounting Information Systems
  • D. O'Leary
  • Computer Science
  • Int. J. Account. Inf. Syst.
  • 2008
It is found that any of the number of three types of “downloads” (abstract, paper and denied accesses) are highly correlated with each other, and the set of ”top 25” downloaded papers has a disproportionate number of citations. Expand
Persistence and decay of web citations used in theses and dissertations available at the Sokoine National Agricultural Library, Tanzania
The study findings indicate that many web resources cited in theses and dissertations available at SNAL had disappeared from their original locations and collaborative efforts are required from various stakeholders in order to reduce the problem of URL decay. Expand
Persistence and decay of web
A study was conducted to examine the persistence and decay of web citations in theses and dissertations available at the Sokoine National Agricultural Library. Specifically, the study assessed theExpand
Influence of the World Wide Web on the citation patterns of Master of Information Studies students at the University of Natal during the period 1996 to 2002
The Web has significantly changed the milieu of research and study. The study determined how this changing research and study environment has influenced the research behaviour of master's students atExpand
An empirical study of the accessibility of web references in two Chinese academic journals
  • Z. Wu
  • Computer Science
  • Scientometrics
  • 2007
The study examines the influence of high use of web references in a paper, the associations between web reference accessibility and generic domain, country domain, protocol, and resource type, respectively, and classifies inaccessible web references according to Internet Explorer feedbacks. Expand
The preferences of authors of Chinese library and information science journal articles in citing Internet sources
Results show that in comparison to the disciplines in the control group, LIS articles in Chinese journals indicated a strong preference for citing Internet sources, and this preference is increasing. Expand
Linking for influence: Twitter linked content in the Scottish Referendum televised debates
An understanding is developed of the linked content present in tweets sent during three televised debates on the issue of Scottish Independence and it is argued that, while the use of such content is beneficial in terms of unifying perspectives, supporter activism and the gratification of the social need for connectivity, it does not act to convert political opinion. Expand
Peculiarity of the bit rot and link rot phenomena
The study compares the phenomena of bit rot and link rot, even though they are usually considered separately, and presents the terms of “digital bumps”, which cause “ digital tsunami”. Expand
Price hikes, crime fad or political football? What caused a spike in store robberies for cigarettes in New Zealand: Analysis of news reports (2009-2018)
Purpose A large increase in robberies of convenience stores in New Zealand (NZ) in 2016 and 2017 was anecdotally attributed to persistent and substantial increases in excise tax on tobacco products.Expand
New Zealand information on the Internet: the Power to Find the Knowledge
In a world of apparently ubiquitous information, does knowledge still equal power? Whatever the answer to this question, we will not have power unless we can retrieve our knowledge. Despite theExpand


Scholarly Communication and the Use of Networked Information Sources
This paper examines the use of networked information sources in scholarly communication by reviewing footnotes and bibliographies of scholarly articles published in print journals from those that consistently ranked at the top in terms of their impact factors during the period of 1990-1993. Expand
The impact of impermanent Web-located citations: A study of 123 scholarly conference publications
  • C. Sellitto
  • Computer Science
  • J. Assoc. Inf. Sci. Technol.
  • 2005
It is argued that the consequences of disappearing Web-located citations has led to diminished opportunities for future researchers to examination the underlaying foundations of discourse and argument in scholarly articles. Expand
Scholarly communication and bibliometrics
The Future of Bibliometrics and its Applications: A Case Study of Agricultural Research Within the European Community Core Journals of the Rapidly Changing Research Front of "Superconductivity" is reviewed. Expand
404 File Not Found: Citing Unstable Web Sources
Researchers, including students, must accommodate to the mutating character of hyperlinks on the World Wide Web. A small study of citations in three volumes of BCQ demonstrates the phenomenon of "URLExpand
Web Citation Availability: Analysis and Implications for Scholarship
Content, domain, and directory depth were associated with availability, and eight suggestions for improving scholarly communication citation conventions are presented. Expand
Scholarly communication and the continuum of electronic publishing
Electronic publishing opportunities, manifested today in a variety of electronic journals and Web-based compendia, have captured the imagination of many scholars. These opportunities have alsoExpand
404 not found: the stability and persistence of URLs published in MEDLINE
  • J. Wren
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Bioinform.
  • 2004
An automated survey was conducted to quantify the growth in Uniform Resource Locators published to date in MEDLINE abstracts, their current availability and distribution by journal, and shows that journals vary disproportionately in the number of web citations published. Expand
Accessibility and longevity of Internet citations in a clinical AIDS journal.
Findings demonstrate the need to adapt new citation policies to facilitate the accessibility of referenced Internet information in the ever changing field of HIV/AIDS. Expand
Runaway Train: Problems of Permanence, Accessibility, and Stability in the Use of Web Sources in Law Review Citations
Ms. Rumsey examines the dangerous use of citations to Web sources in law review articles. URLs in law review citations suffer from �link rot� because Web pages disappear or URLs change. After fourExpand
Web page change and persistence - A four-year longitudinal study
  • W. Koehler
  • Computer Science
  • J. Assoc. Inf. Sci. Technol.
  • 2002
The article addresses two related phenomena: (1) the life cycle of Web objects, and (2) changes to Web objects. Expand