Link Probability Based Opportunistic Routing Metric in Wireless Network


Opportunistic routing is a new design trend of wireless network routing protocol. It takes good advantages of the broadcast nature of wireless network. The source can use multiple potential paths to deliver the packets to the destination. The routing metric used for selecting the forwarder lists is very important for designing the opportunistic routing scheme. In this paper, we propose a novel routing metric STR (successful transmission rate) to choose the forwarder list, which is based on total successful transmission rate. It considers multi-links contribution, instead of one "best" link information used in ETX. We also introduce the fair opportunistic routing with linear coding (FORLC) scheme using our STR metric. The extensive simulation results show that the opportunistic routing with our STR metrics can always outperform ETXbased ExOR scheme. The maximum benefit of the throughput using the STR based FORLC can be 30% more than the ETX based MORE. It also has at most 10 times throughputs than traditional routing protocol.

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