Linguistic Landscapes: A Comparative Study of Urban Multilingualism in TokyoPeter Backhaus.

  title={Linguistic Landscapes: A Comparative Study of Urban Multilingualism in TokyoPeter Backhaus.},
  author={Mark Sebba},
  journal={Writing Systems Research},
  pages={73 - 76}
  • Mark Sebba
  • Published 1 January 2010
  • Linguistics
  • Writing Systems Research
Multilingualism in Hong Kong City Edge: A Mixed Method Study on Linguistic Landscape in Stanley
In the last few decades, there has been a surge of interest in the interdisciplinary study of linguistic landscape (LL), since LL has been viewed as the junction of sociolinguistics, applied
An Analysis of the Spanish-Language Landscape and Hispanic Identity in Hazleton, Pennsylvania (USA)
Linguistic landscapes refer broadly to the study of perceived or actual language use in a particular environment. Such an ever-changing landscape, metaphorical or not, can be most readily identified
Linguistic Landscape in Promotion of Language Through Traffic Signboards: An Introduction to the Signs in Pakistani Roads and Highways
This present research is about how the linguistic landscape brings about the promotion of language and public awareness. The linguistic landscape is a sociolinguistic phenomenon that is used for the
The External ‐ and ‐ Internal ‐ Forces Model applied to the Japan context 1
This article considers the Buschfeld-Kautzsch ‘EIF’ (External and Internal Forces) model from the perspective of the Japan context. The model was developed as an enhancement to Schneider’s Dynamic
This paper explains the knowledge, attitudes, enthusiasm, and ideology of female legislative candidates as stated in posters in public spaces. Using the theory of critical discourse analysis, this
Research on Linguistic Landscape: Observing the Minute in the Bigger Picture
very new and fresh area where scholarly world is focusing its attention on is linguistic landscape. Linguistic landscape is ‘the language of public road signs, advertising billboards, place names,
Italianisms and Italian sounding in the business language: The case of Istanbul linguistic landscape
Italian fashion is a reference point of style and elegance all over the world. Tangible linguistic signs of “Italianess” in the Istanbul Linguistic Landscape (LL) have been collected and analysed in
Translingual strategies as consumer design: A case study of multilingual linguistic landscapes of urban China
Abstract Taking a photo-studio brand named Naive Blue (天真蓝) as a case study, this article seeks to contribute to the understanding of translingual practices as stylistic strategies for commercial
Introduction: The Realm of the Material Culture of Multilingualism
The introduction describes the field of material culture of multilingualism as a synthesis of two important provinces of human interest – ‘multilingualism’ and ‘material culture’. It starts with
More Landscape, Less Language: Digital Gaming, Moral Panic, and the Linguistic Landscapes of Southern Peru
In this article, I offer an account of the “linguistic landscapes” associated with the commodification and purchase of internet services in southern Peru. Through an account of public signage


Public Lettering: Script, Power, and Culture
Public lettering in all its forms--official inscriptions on buildings, commercial graphics, signs, epitaphs on tombstones, graffiti--is a fixture of urban life. In Public Lettering, Armando Petrucci
Semiotic Landscapes: Language, Image, Space
Introduction, Adam Jaworski and Crispin Thurlow 1. Changing landscapes: New languages and old policies in the Dublin linguistic landscape, Jeffrey L. Kallen (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland) 2.
Linguistic Landscape and Ethnolinguistic Vitality
Linguistic landscape refers to the visibility and salience of languages on public and commercial signs in agiven territory or region. It is proposed that the linguistic landscape may serve important
The Languages of Jerusalem
The Languages of Jerusalem. Bernard Spolsky and Robert L. Cooper. Oxford Studies in Language Contact. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1991. 166 pp.
Multilingual writing: a reader-oriented typology — with examples from Lira Municipality (Uganda)
Abstract Parallel to the current growth of societal and individual multilingualism, there is also a multiplication of the availability of and need for multilingual written texts of all types. Both
Commodified language in Chinatown: A contextualized approach to linguistic landscape1
In Washington DC's newly gentrified Chinatown, recent commercial establishments, primarily non-Chinese owned chains, use Chinese-language signs as design features targeted towards people who neither
Towards a material ethnography of linguistic landscape: Multilingualism, mobility and space in a South African township
The study of multilingual landscapes promises to introduce a new perspective into theories and policies of multilingualism, and to provide essential data for a politics of language. However, the
Linguistic landscape : a new approach to multilingualism
Contents 1. Introduction: The Study of the Linguistic Landscape as a New Approach to Multilingualism - Durk Gorter (Fryske Akademy, Universiteit van Amsterdam) 2. Linguistic Landscape as Symbolic
Linguistic landscape: expanding the scenery
Linguistic Landscape: Expanding the Scenery Elana Shohamy and Durk Gorter eds. Introduction Elana Shohamy and Durk Gorter Part I: Theoretical Perspectives Linguistic Landscaping and the Seed of the
Discourses in Place : Language in the Material World
1: Geosemiotics 2: Indexicality 3: The Interaction Order 4: Visual Semiotics 5: Interlude on Geosemiotics 6: Place Semiotics: Code Preference 7: Place Semiotics: Inscription 8: Place Semiotics: