Linguistic Composition of Semantic Maps and Hybrid Controllers


This work combines semantic maps with hybrid control models, generating a direct link between action and environment models to produce a control policy for mobile manipulation in unstructured environments. First, we generate a semantic map for our environment and design a base model of robot action. Then, we combine this map and action model using the Motion Grammar Calculus to produce a combined robot-environment model. Using this combined model, we apply supervisory control to produce a policy for the manipulation task. We demonstrate this approach on a Segway RMP-200 mobile platform.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-00065-7_47

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@inproceedings{Dantam2012LinguisticCO, title={Linguistic Composition of Semantic Maps and Hybrid Controllers}, author={Neil Dantam and Carlos Nieto-Granda and Henrik I. Christensen and Mike Stilman}, booktitle={ISER}, year={2012} }