Linearly-realised Worldsheet Supersymmetry in pp-wave Backgrounds

  title={Linearly-realised Worldsheet Supersymmetry in pp-wave Backgrounds},
  author={Mirjam Cveti{\vc} and H. Y. Lue and Cydne Pope and Kellogg S. Stelle},
We study the linearly-realised worldsheet supersymmetries in the " massive " type II light-cone actions for pp-wave backgrounds. The pp-waves have have 16 + N sup Killing spinors, comprising 16 " standard " Killing spinors that occur in any wave background, plus N sup " supernumerary " Killing spinors (0 ≤ N sup ≤ 16) that occur only for special backgrounds. We show that only the supernumerary Killing spinors give rise to linearly-realised worldsheet supersymmetries after light-cone gauge… CONTINUE READING
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