Linearly Polarized Emission from Colloidal Semiconductor Quantum Rods

  title={Linearly Polarized Emission from Colloidal Semiconductor Quantum Rods},
  author={Jiangtao Hu and Liang-Shi Li and Weidong Yang and Liberato Manna and Lin-wang Wang and A Paul Alivisatos},
  pages={2060 - 2063}
Colloidal quantum rods of cadmium selenide (CdSe) exhibit linearly polarized emission. Empirical pseudopotential calculations predict that slightly elongated CdSe nanocrystals have polarized emission along the long axis, unlike spherical dots, which emit plane-polarized light. Single-molecule luminescence spectroscopy measurements on CdSe quantum rods with an aspect ratio between 1 and 30 confirm a sharp transition from nonpolarized to purely linearly polarized emission at an aspect ratio of 2… 
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A novel class of nanocrystals with mixed dimensionality: a dot-in-plate core/shell nanostructure synthesized by growing a flat, disk-shaped, CdS shell on spherical CdSe cores that exhibits an emission strongly polarized in two dimensions.
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