Linear topologies on sesquilinear spaces of uncountable dimension

  title={Linear topologies on sesquilinear spaces of uncountable dimension},
  author={Otmar Spinas},
  journal={Fundamenta Mathematicae},
  • O. Spinas
  • Published 1991
  • Mathematics
  • Fundamenta Mathematicae
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Review: Uri Abraham, Aronszajn Trees on $\mathscr{N}_2$ and $\mathscr{N}_3$; James Cummings, Matthew Foreman, The Tree Property; Menachem Magidor, Saharon Shelah, The Tree Property at Successors of Singular Cardinals
of isomorphisms between the algebras. The fourth paper also shows that the numbers of isomorphism types of various other sorts of cylindric algebras are as large as possible. The third paper contains
Spectra of the Gamma-invariant of uniform modules
For a ring R, denote by Spec^R_kappa(Gamma) the kappa-spectrum of the Gamma-invariant of strongly uniform right R-modules. Recent realization techniques of Goodearl and Wehrung show that
The Spectrum of the Γ-Invariant of a Bilinear Space☆
Abstract To every symmetric bilinear space (X, φ) of regular uncountable dimension κ, an invariant Γ(X, φ) ∈  P (κ)/ F  (κ) (where F  (κ) is the club filter) can be assigned. We prove that in