Linear time self-stabilizing colorings


We propose two new self-stabilizing distributed algorithms for proper ∆+1 (∆ is the maximum degree of a node in the graph) colorings of arbitrary system graphs. Both algorithms are capable of working with multiple type of daemons (schedulers) as is the most recent algorithm by Gradinariu and Tixeuil [OPODIS’2000, 2000, pp. 55–70]. The first algorithm… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/S0020-0190(03)00299-0


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@article{Hedetniemi2003LinearTS, title={Linear time self-stabilizing colorings}, author={Stephen T. Hedetniemi and David Pokrass Jacobs and Pradip K. Srimani}, journal={Inf. Process. Lett.}, year={2003}, volume={87}, pages={251-255} }