Linear preservers of left matrix majorization

  • Fatemeh Khalooei, M. Radjabalipour, Parisa Torabian, PARISA TORABIAN
  • Published 2017


For X, Y ∈ Mnm(R) (= Mnm), we say that Y is left (resp. right) matrix majorized by X and write Y ≺ X (resp. Y ≺r X) if Y = RX (resp. Y = XR) for some row stochastic matrix R. A linear operator T :Mnm → Mnm is said to be a linear preserver of a given relation ≺ on Mnm if Y ≺ X implies that TY ≺ TX. The linear preservers of ≺ or ≺r are fully characterized by… (More)


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