Linear motifs in the C-terminus of D. melanogaster cryptochrome.

  title={Linear motifs in the C-terminus of D. melanogaster cryptochrome.},
  author={Matthew J Hemsley and Gabriella Margherita Mazzotta and Moyra Mason and Stephane Dissel and Stefano Toppo and Mario Pagano and Federica Sandrelli and Flavio Meggio and Ezio Rosato and Rodolfo Costa and Silvio C E Tosatto},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={355 2},
The C-terminus of cryptochrome (CRY) regulates light responses in Drosophila. These include the light-dependent binding of Drosophila dCRY to the clock proteins PERIOD and TIMELESS in a yeast two-hybrid system, which we proved to be a convenient and reliable readout of the behavior of dCRY in vivo. In this study, we present a combination of in silico analysis and experimental validation in yeast, to identify novel functional motifs in the C-terminal region of dCRY. Our results suggest that… CONTINUE READING