Linear hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation, including mosaicism.

  title={Linear hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation, including mosaicism.},
  author={Cynthia A. Loomis},
  journal={Seminars in cutaneous medicine and surgery},
  volume={16 1},
Linear streaks of hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation along Blaschko's lines are currently grouped under the names hypomelanosis of Ito (HI) and linear and whorled hypermelanosis (LWH). Recent studies have suggested that these linear pigmentary anomalies reflect underlying genetic mosaicism. Mosaic individuals are composed of two or more genetically distinct cell populations, a normal and an abnormal population. In HI and LWH, the types of genetic defects that are detectable in the abnormal… CONTINUE READING

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