Linear forms in p-adic logarithms

  title={Linear forms in p-adic logarithms},
  author={Kunrui Yu},
  journal={Acta Arithmetica},
  • Kunrui Yu
  • Published 1989
  • Mathematics
  • Acta Arithmetica
Level structure, arithmetic representations, and noncommutative Siegel linearization
Abstract Let ℓ{\ell} be a prime, k a finitely generated field of characteristic different from ℓ{\ell}, and X a smooth geometrically connected curve over k. Say a semisimple representation of
On the solutions of the exponential Diophantine equation a x + b y = (m 2 + 1) z
Abstract In this paper, we consider the Diophantine equation a x + b y = c z . Combining Laurent's result on lower bounds for linear forms in two logarithms, Bugeaud's result on upper bounds for the
In this paper, we deduce a number of eective lower bounds upon the distance to an integer of quantities of the shape b n , where b and n are integers and is a real quadratic irrational. For certain ,
Solving a specific Thue-Mahler equation
The diophantine equation x3 _ 3xy2 _y3 = ?3no 17 n l9n2 is completely solved as follows. First, a large upper bound for the variables is obtained from the theory of linear forms in p-adic and real
p-adic logarithmic forms and group varieties II
Faster p-adic feasibility for certain multivariate sparse polynomials
Nouveaux aspects de la transcendance
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The solution of triangularly connected decomposable form equations
An algorithm is given to solve the equations of the title. It generalizes an earlier algorithm to solve discriminant form equations. An application is given to finding curves of genus 2 with good
On the $abc$ Conjecture in Algebraic Number Fields
While currently the abc conjecture and work towards it remains open or is disputed [22], at the same time much work has been done on weaker versions, as well as on its generalisation to number