Linear and nonlinear hearing aid fittings – 1. Patterns of benefit

  title={Linear and nonlinear hearing aid fittings – 1. Patterns of benefit},
  author={S. Gatehouse and G. Naylor and C. Elberling},
  journal={International Journal of Audiology},
  pages={130 - 152}
  • S. Gatehouse, G. Naylor, C. Elberling
  • Published 2006
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • International Journal of Audiology
  • We evaluated the benefits of fast-acting WDRC, slow-acting AVC, and linear reference fittings for speech intelligibility and reported disability, in a within-subject within-device masked crossover design on 50 listeners with SNHL. Five hearing aid fittings were implemented having two compression channels and seven frequency bands. Each listener sequentially experienced each fitting for a 10-week period. Outcome measures included speech intelligibility under diverse conditions and self-reported… CONTINUE READING
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