Linear Programming and Convex Hulls Made Easy

  title={Linear Programming and Convex Hulls Made Easy},
  author={Raimund Seidel},
  booktitle={Symposium on Computational Geometry},
We present two randomized algorithms. One solves linear programs involving <italic>m</italic> constraints in <italic>d</italic> variables in expected time <italic>&Ogr;</italic>(<italic>m</italic>). The other constructs convex hulls of <italic>n</italic> points in R<italic><supscrpt>d</supscrpt>, d</italic> > 3, in expected time <italic>&Ogr;</italic>(<italic>n</italic><supscrpt>⌈<italic>d</italic>/2⌉</supscrpt>). In both bounds <italic>d</italic> is considered to be a constant. In the linear… CONTINUE READING

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