Linear Plasma Device PSI-2 for Plasma-Material Interaction Studies

  title={Linear Plasma Device PSI-2 for Plasma-Material Interaction Studies},
  author={Arkadi Kreter and Chance Brandt and Annika Huber and Stephen R. Kraus and Sandra M{\"o}ller and Merle Reinhart and Holger Schumacher and Gennady Sergienko and Bernhard Unterberg},
AbstractThe linear plasma device PSI-2 serves as a pilot experiment for the development of components, operational regimes and control systems for the linear plasma device JULE-PSI, which will be located in the nuclear environment allowing studies of radioactive and toxic samples. PSI-2 is also used for fusion reactor relevant plasma-material interaction studies. This contribution describes the PSI-2 layout and parameters and summarizes the recent scientific and technical progress in the… CONTINUE READING