Linear Parameter-Varying and Time-Delay Systems

  title={Linear Parameter-Varying and Time-Delay Systems},
  author={Corentin Briat},
Dwell time-based stabilisation of switched linear delay systems using clock-dependent Lyapunov–Krasovskii functionals
The resulting values of the dwell time via the proposed technique show that the novel approach outperforms the previous ones, and its performance is compared with the existing approaches. Expand
On Output Feedback Stabilization of Time-Varying Decomposable Systems with Switching Topology and Delay
This paper presents a new method for dynamic output feedback stabilizing controller design for decomposable systems with switching topology and delay using a trajectory-based stability analysis approach and illustrates it to the consensus problem of non-holonomic agents. Expand
Distributed Robust PID Control For Leader Tracking in Uncertain Connected Ground Vehicles With V2V Communication Delay
The paper addresses the leader tracking problem for a platoon of connected autonomous vehicles in the presence of both homogeneous time-varying parameter uncertainties and vehicle-to-vehicle time-Varying communication delay with a novel distributed robust proportional-integral-derivative control framework. Expand
A Secure Adaptive Control for Cooperative Driving of Autonomous Connected Vehicles in the Presence of Heterogeneous Communication Delays and Cyberattacks
This article tackles and solves the problem of cyber-secure tracking for a platoon that moves as a cohesive formation along a single lane undergoing different kinds of cyber threats, that is, application layer and network layer attacks, as well as network induced phenomena. Expand
Robust stability analysis for linear systems subjected to time-varying uncertainties within the framework of nest algebra
For four types of plant perturbations, some new sufficient conditions or necessary and sufficient conditions for robust stabilization without using coprime factorization are obtained. Expand
Frequency-limited -controller order reduction for linear parameter-varying systems
The proposed method is based on the frequency-weighted balanced truncation technique, which has the advantage to reduce the order in a specific frequency range and is proved to preserve the closed-loop stability with a guaranteed upper error bound. Expand
Vehicle Stability Control Considering the Driver-in-the-Loop
A Fast and Reliable Pick-and-Place Application with a Spherical Soft Robotic Arm
A gain-scheduled feedback controller is proposed, which asymptotically stabilizes the robotic system for aggressive tuning and over large variations of the parameters considered. Expand
A nonlinear parameter varying observer for real‐time damper force estimation of an automotive electro‐rheological suspension system
  • Thanh‐Phong Pham, O. Sename, L. Dugard
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control
  • 2021


Delay Effects on Stability: A Robust Control Approach
Preliminaries.- Examples.- Stability sets and regions.- Reducible discrete delays and LTIs.- Liapunov's second method and LMIs.- Robustness issues in closed-loop.- Applications.
Analysis and design of gain scheduled control systems
Gain scheduling, as an idea, is to construct a global feedback control system for a time varying and/or nonlinear plant from a collection of local time invariant designs. However in the absence of aExpand