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Linear Parameter-Varying and Time-Delay Systems: Analysis, Observation, Filtering & Control

  title={Linear Parameter-Varying and Time-Delay Systems: Analysis, Observation, Filtering \& Control},
  author={Corentin Briat},

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Quick Setup of Force-Controlled Industrial Gluing Tasks Using Learning From Demonstration
A unified controller structure is proposed for the demonstration and execution of in-contact tasks that eases the transition from admittance controller for demonstration to parallel force/position control for the execution. Expand
Robust Linear Parameter Varying Output Feedback Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
The closed-loop simulation studies demonstrate that the proposed LPV controller provides improved transient response with respect to settling time, overshoot, and disturbance rejection in tracking the velocity profile under the influence of parameter and temperature variations and load disturbances. Expand
Robust cooperative synchronization of homogeneous agents with delays on directed communication graphs
An LMI approach based on a Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional is proposed, together with the synchronizing region concept, which decouples the single-agent dynamics from the detailed graph topology. Expand
Fault Diagnosis in Sensors of Boiler Following Control of a Thermal Power Plant
A system of fault detection and isolation in sensors of boiler following control of a thermal power plant is presented based on a polytopic quasi-Linear Parameter Variant (q-LPV) model derived from a simplified nonlinear model. Expand
Stability and performance analysis of linear positive systems with delays using input–output methods
These results provide simple alternative proofs for many of the existing results on the stability of linear positive systems with discrete/distributed/neutral time-invariant/-varying delays and linear difference equations. Expand
Data-driven Linear Parameter Varying Controller Synthesis using Iterative Feedback Tuning: An I/O approach
In this thesis the usage of the LPV-ARX representation of a LPV system for extending the applicability of the Iterative Feedback Tuning (IFT) framework from LTI control to LPV control wasExpand
LMI-based design of an I-PD+PD type LPV state feedback controller for a gantry crane
Simulation results show that the proposed I-PD+PD type control law controller has superior tracking performance under time-varying cable length, when compared with nominal fixed gain controllers. Expand
Event-Driven Observer-Based Smart-Sensors for Output Feedback Control of Linear Systems
  • L. Acho
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Sensors
  • 2017
This paper re-designs the triggering mechanism proposed in a previously reported system with the implementation of self-sampling data smart sensors and improves its performance. Expand
Sign properties of Metzler matrices with applications
The concept of sign-st stability is generalized to the concept of Ker$_+(B)$-sign-stability, a problem that arises in the analysis of certain jump Markov processes and a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of common Lyapunov functions for all the matrices in the convex hull is obtained. Expand