Lineage Switch Macrophages Can Present Antigen

  title={Lineage Switch Macrophages Can Present Antigen},
  author={James D. Bretz and S Chen and Diane Redenius and H Chang and Walter J. Esselman and Richard C. Schwartz},
  journal={Developmental Immunology},
  pages={249 - 261}
Recent reports of "lineage switching" from a lymphoid to macrophage phenotype have left unresolved the question of whether such cells are functional macrophages or nonfunctional products of differentiation gone awry. This study demonstrates that several "macrophage-like" cell lines derived from v-Ha-ras-transformed pre-B cells have gained the capacity to effectively present antigen in MHC-restricted fashion. Using an assay involving the cocultivation of putative antigen-presenting cells with… CONTINUE READING