Line-of-Sight Spatial Modulation for Indoor mmWave Communication at 60 GHz

  title={Line-of-Sight Spatial Modulation for Indoor mmWave Communication at 60 GHz},
  author={Peng Liu and Marco Di Renzo and Andreas Springer},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications},
In this paper, we propose to use spatial modulation (SM) and the generalized spatial modulation (GSM) MIMO schemes in indoor line-of-sight (LOS) millimeter-wave (mmWave) communication at 60GHz. SM/GSM are known but only at low-GHz frequencies where the channels are typically rich scattered and characterized by Rayleigh or Rician distribution. However, 60-GHz indoor channels are typically not rich but rather sparsely scattered and dominated by the LOS component, thus making them different from… CONTINUE READING
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