Line and load friendly drive solutions for long length cable applications in electrical submersible pump applications

  title={Line and load friendly drive solutions for long length cable applications in electrical submersible pump applications},
  author={Gary L. Skibinski and Stephen Breit},
  journal={Fifty-First Annual Conference 2004 Petroleum and Chemical Industry Technical Conference, 2004.},
  • G. Skibinski, S. Breit
  • Published 15 November 2004
  • Engineering
  • Fifty-First Annual Conference 2004 Petroleum and Chemical Industry Technical Conference, 2004.
Long cable lengths (1,000 ft to 15,000 ft) associated with submersible pump equipment have limited the effectiveness of using modern variable speed drives (VSD) due to reflected wave voltage spikes associated with the drive switching voltage transitions. In the past, drives used external filters, inductors and conditioners to keep from damaging cable and motor insulation. Extra costs associated with this equipment, as well as the custom use, limit the overall effectiveness. Variable sine-wave… 

Design of Medium Voltage Drive and Load Filter for Long Length Cable Connecting Electrical Submersible Pump

Electrical submersible pump (ESP) of high power rating are mainly used in oil field application and to connect that ESP system long length cable is required in ESP system so harmonics and high

Load Filter Design Method for Medium-Voltage Drive Applications in Electrical Submersible Pump Systems

A load filter design method for MVD applications in ESP systems is proposed, which is suitable for various types of MVDs and with different lengths of cables involved, and verifies the effectiveness of the designed load filter using the proposed method.

Operational Parameters Affecting Harmonic Resonance in Electrical Submersible Pump Systems

Several operational parameters that can significantly affect operating conditions of an ESP system are demonstrated through field measurements and simulation of a practical ESP system currently in operation in Alberta, Canada.

Quasi - two-level converter operation strategy for overvoltage mitigation in long cable applications

The aim is to provide a compact solution that does not require the footprint and cost of multilevel converters, nor that of sine filters, and can thus be deployed in long cable applications with particular space constraints.

A control method for linear permanent magnet electric submersible pumps in a modified integrated drive-motor system

Electric Submersible Pumps are a widespread industrial solution for artificial lift applications in oil industries. Linear motors are becoming more popular as they are applied for new applications in

Position sensorless control of a permanent magnet linear motor connected through a long cable

Sucker Rod Pump is a prevalent industrial solution in artificial lift applications in oil industries. Linear motors are becoming more popular as they are applied in new applications in various

Quasi-Two-Level Converter for overvoltage mitigation in medium voltage drives

This work focuses on a Quasi-Two-Level (Q2L) converter topology for medium voltage drives (MVDs). It targets applications where the drive and the motor are connected via a long cable. In such systems

A fault monitoring system for a reciprocating pump driven by a linear motor for oil pumping systems

Linear Electric Submersible Pump is a new industrial solution in artificial lift applications. Linear motors are placed downhole to drive the reciprocating pump directly. This system is intended to

Load harmonics analysis and mitigation

Load harmonics in electrical submersible pump (ESP) systems could interact with the inductance of the transformers and shunt capacitance of the downhole cable creating a severe resonance condition.

Factors Affecting Electrical Submersible Pump Systems Operation

Electrical submersible pump (ESP) systems in oil field have unique features due to the long cabling effect. The electrical system for a typical ESP installation consists of a variable frequency drive



Interaction of drive modulation and cable parameters on AC motor transients

Novel modifications to the PWM modulator as well as external hardware apparatus are proposed solutions to the >2 pu overvoltage problem, both are simulated and experimentally confirmed.

A series resonant sinewave output filter for PWM VSI loads

  • G. Skibinski
  • Engineering
    Conference Record of the 2002 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. 37th IAS Annual Meeting (Cat. No.02CH37344)
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Modern industry installations using power electronic conversion systems are requiring improvements in the loadside output voltage waveshape to meet demands of various operating load conditions. This

Harmonic analysis of industrial power systems

  • R. Ellis
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of IEEE Pulp and Paper Industry Conference
  • 1994
When large harmonic producing loads are added to an industrial plant power system it is good engineering practice to analyze the impact on the power system by performing harmonic modeling analysis of

Transformer derating for harmonic currents: a wideband measurement approach for energized transformers

Power system transformers must often be derated where supplying harmonic currents to nonlinear loads. An existing technique uses measurements performed at DC and the fundamental frequency to

Line Apparatus used with AC mobrs for Eliminating Line voltage Reflections

  • Nov.
  • 1998

Nine PhaSe TransformeT, U S Patent 66,249,443

  • 2001