Line Digraph Iterations and the (d, k) Digraph Problem

  title={Line Digraph Iterations and the (d, k) Digraph Problem},
  author={Miguel Angel Fiol and Jos{\'e} Luis Andres Yebra and Ignacio Alegre de Miquel},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Computers},
This paper studies the behavior of the diameter and the average distance between vertices of the line digraph of a given digraph. The results obtained are then applied to the so-called (d, k) digraph problem, that is, to maximize the number of vertices in a digraph of maximum out-degree d and diameter k. By line digraph iterations it is possible to construct digraphs with a number of vertices larger than (d2- l)/d2times the (nonattainable) Moore bound. In particular, this solves the (d, k… CONTINUE READING

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