Lincoln's Reflective Patriotism

  title={Lincoln's Reflective Patriotism},
  author={Joseph R. Fornieri},
  journal={Perspectives on Political Science},
  pages={108 - 117}
Abstract In speech and deed, Lincoln's statesmanship manifests the possibility of an honorable, reasonable, and just love of country—that is, a reflective patriotism imbued by a republican love of liberty under God's Providence. In his speeches and writings, Lincoln consistently underscored that love of country must be governed by “reason,” “wisdom,” and “intelligence.” Thus, in his First Inaugural, March 4, 1861, he characteristically appealed to the combined forces of “Intelligence… 
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An Attempt To Unify: A Rhetorical Analysis On Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address
1 The Historical Context 1 Motivation of the Speaker 6 Lincoln’s Vow to the Constitution 7 Lincoln Speaks on the Secession 9 Lincoln’s Rhetorical Strategy 10 Lincoln’s Use of Definition 10 “Us vs.


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