Limonoids from the seeds of a Godavari mangrove, Xylocarpus moluccensis.

  title={Limonoids from the seeds of a Godavari mangrove, Xylocarpus moluccensis.},
  author={Jun Li and Minyi Li and Gang Feng and Qiang Xiao and J. Sinkkonen and Tirumani Satyanandamurty and Jun Wu},
  volume={71 16},
Ten limonoids, named godavarins A-J (1-7, 9-11), were isolated from seeds of an Indian mangrove (Xylocarpus moluccensis) collected in the mangrove wetlands of Godavari estuary, Andhra Pradesh. Eight known limonoids, viz. xyloccensins L (8), P (12), Q (13), mexicanolide (14), 6-deoxy-3-detigloyl-swietenine acetate (15), fissinolide (16), methyl 3β-acetoxy-1-oxomeliaca-8(30),14-dienoate (17), and methyl 3β-acetoxy-1-oxomeliaca-8(9),14-dienoate (18), were also obtained. The structures of these… CONTINUE READING

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