Limonoids from Turraea holstii and Turraea floribunda

  title={Limonoids from Turraea holstii and Turraea floribunda},
  author={Dulcie A Mulholland and Thabo Vincent. Monkhe and Philip H. Coombes and Mahomed S. Rajab},
Abstract Investigations of the stem and root bark of Turraea holstii have yielded the known 1,3-diacetylvilasinin and seven novel limonoids: 11- epi -toonacilin, 11 β ,12 α -diacetoxycedrelone, 12- O -methylnimbolinin B, 12 α -acetoxyneotrichilenone, 12 α -acetoxy-7-acetyl-1,2-dihydroneotrichilenone, 12 α -acetoxy-1,2-dihydroneotrichilenone and 11 β -acetoxy-7-acetyl-12 α -hydroxy-1,2-dihydroneotrichilenone. The stereochemistry at C-11 in turraflorins A–C from Turraea floribunda has been… CONTINUE READING