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Limits to two-spin-qubit gate fidelity from thermal and vacuum fluctuations

  title={Limits to two-spin-qubit gate fidelity from thermal and vacuum fluctuations},
  author={Wen Sun and Sathwik Bharadwaj and Li-Ping Yang and Yu-Ling Hsueh and Yifan Wang and Dan Jiao and Rajib Rahman and Zubin Jacob},
High-fidelity quantum gate operations are essential for achieving scalable quantum circuits. In spin qubit quantum computing systems, metallic gates and antennas which are necessary for qubit operation, initialization, and readout, also cause detriments by enhancing fluctuations of electromagnetic fields. Therefore evanescent wave Johnson noise (EWJN) caused by thermal and vacuum fluctuations becomes an important unmitigated noise, which induces the decay of spin qubits and limits the quantum gate… 

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