Limits indexed by category-valued 2-functors

  title={Limits indexed by category-valued 2-functors},
  author={Ross Street},
  journal={Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra},
  • R. Street
  • Published 1 June 1976
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
Homomorphisms of higher categories
J an 2 01 7 On the notion of flat 2-functors
  • Mathematics
  • 2017
In this paper we develop the 2-dimensional theory of flat functors. We define a 2-functor A P −→ Cat to be flat when its left bi-Kan extension Homp(A , Cat) P∗ −→ Cat along the Yoneda 2-functor A h
Familial 2-functors and parametric right adjoints
We define and study familial 2-functors primarily with a view to the devel- opment of the 2-categorical approach to operads of (Weber, 2005). Also included in this paper is a result in which the
A Trace for Bimodule Categories
A 2-functor that assigns to a bimodule category over a finite tensor category a 𝕜$\Bbbk $-linear abelian category has coherent cyclic invariance and has applications to categories associated to circles in three-dimensional topological field theories with defects.
The Three F's for Bicategories I: Localization by Fractions is Exact
We study the interaction between the notions of filteredness, fractions and fibrations in the theory of bicategories, generalizing classical results for categories. We give an explicit formula for
Coherent Presentations of Monoidal Categories
It is shown that, under suitable coherence conditions on the presentation, the three constructions coincide, thus generalizing celebrated results on presentations of groups, and extending those conditions to presentations of monoidal categories.
A general limit lifting theorem for 2-dimensional monad theory
  • M. Szyld
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
  • 2018
Weighted limits in an (∞ , 1)-category
  • M. Rovelli
  • Mathematics
    Appl. Categorical Struct.
  • 2021
The notion of weighted limit in an arbitrary quasi-category is introduced, suitably generalizing ordinary limits in a quasi- category, and classical weighted limits in an ordinary category by generalizing Joyal's approach.


A notion of limit for enriched categories
For a V-category B, where V is a symmetric monoidal closed category, various limit-like notions have been recognized: ordinary limits (in the underlying category B0 ) preserved by the V-valued
Formal category theory: adjointness for 2-categories
Categories.- 2-categories.- Bicategories.- Properties of Fun(A,B) and Pseud(A,B).- Properties of 2-comma categories.- Adjoint morphisms in 2-categories.- Quasi-adjointness.
Adjonctions et monades au niveau des 2-catégories
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V-cat and V-graph
Elementary cosmoi I