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Limiting Distributions of Sums with Random Spectral Weights

  title={Limiting Distributions of Sums with Random Spectral Weights},
  author={Angel Chavez and Jacob Waldor},
A bstract . This paper studies the asymptotic properties of weighted sums of the form Z n = ∑ ni = 1 a i X i , in which X 1 , X 2 ,..., X n are i.i.d. random variables and a 1 , a 2 ,. .., a n correspond to either eigenvalues or singular values in the classic Erd˝os-Rényi-Gilbert model. In particular, we prove central limit-type theorems for the sequences n − 1 Z n with varying conditions imposed on X 1 , X 2 ,.. ., X n . 

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