Limited thermal acclimation capacity in cave beetles

  title={Limited thermal acclimation capacity in cave beetles},
  author={Susana Pallar{\'e}s and Ignacio Ribera and Aitor Montes and Andr{\'e}s Mill{\'a}n and Valeria Rizzo and Jordi Comas and David S{\'a}nchez‐Fern{\'a}ndez},
  journal={ARPHA Conference Abstracts},
Thermal tolerance is a key vulnerability factor for species that cannot cope with changing conditions by behavioural adjustments or dispersal, such as subterranean species. Previous studies of thermal tolerance in cave beetles suggest that these species may have lost some of the thermoregulatory mechanisms common in temperate insects, and appear to have a very limited thermal acclimation ability. However, it might be expected that both thermal tolerance and acclimation ability should be related… 
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Smelling in the dark: phylogenomic insights on the chemosensory system of a subterranean beetle
The findings suggest that the chemosensory gene repertoire of this cave beetle may have been reshaped by the low complexity of chemical signals of this particular environment, and that gene duplication and loss may have played an important role in the evolution of genes involved in chemoreception.