Limitations of the Meta-Reduction Technique: The Case of Schnorr Signatures

  title={Limitations of the Meta-Reduction Technique: The Case of Schnorr Signatures},
  author={Marc Fischlin and Nils Fleischhacker},
  booktitle={IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive},
We revisit the security of Fiat-Shamir signatures in the non-programmable random oracle model. The well-known proof by Pointcheval and Stern for such signature schemes (Journal of Cryptology, 2000) relies on the ability to re-program the random oracle, and it has been unknown if this property is inherent. Pailler and Vergnaud (Asiacrypt 2005) gave some first evidence of the hardness by showing via meta-reduction techniques that algebraic reductions cannot succeed in reducing key-only attacks… CONTINUE READING
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