Limitations of pulmonary wedge V waves in diagnosing mitral regurgitation.

  title={Limitations of pulmonary wedge V waves in diagnosing mitral regurgitation.},
  author={Radovan Fuchs and Richard R Heuser and F C Yin and Jeffrey A. Brinker},
  journal={The American journal of cardiology},
  volume={49 4},
To study the usefulness of large V waves in pulmonary capillary wedge tracings in establishing the diagnosis of mitral regurgitation, data on 1,021 consecutive cardiac catheterizations were reviewed. Wedge tracings were obtained by Swan-Ganz catheterization in 208 patients, usually because of suspected valve disease. One hundred two patients had no trace of mitral regurgitation angiographically, 69 had mild to moderate and 37 had severe regurgitation. V waves were graded as trivial (less than 5… CONTINUE READING
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