Limitation of the short-circuit ruggedness of high-voltage IGBTs

  title={Limitation of the short-circuit ruggedness of high-voltage IGBTs},
  author={Arnost Kopta and Munaf Rahimo and Ulrich Schlapbach and N. Kaminski and D. Silber},
  journal={2009 21st International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & IC's},
In this paper, the destruction mechanism, which limits the short-circuit capability of high voltage IGBTs utilizing N-buffer structures will be described. The failure mechanism was studied using a combination of device simulations and experimental investigations of 3.3kV, 4.5kV and 6.5kV IGBTs. It was found that the limiting short-circuit failure in these IGBTs is caused by a current filamentation mechanism, which is associated to a distortion of the electric field triggered by a positive… CONTINUE READING
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