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Limitation of Planck’s Units and a New Fundamental Unit of Mass

  title={Limitation of Planck’s Units and a New Fundamental Unit of Mass},
  author={H. Tank},
Max Planck derived fundamental units purely from fundamental physical constants h, c and G . Tank showed that Planck‟s unit of length is a geometric-mean of two un-equal lengths; namely Compton-wavelength and Gravitational-radius of every particle; and his unit of mass is a geometric-mean of two un-equal masses, namely total mass of the universe and the smallest conceivable mass h H0 / c 2 ; so the units, obtained by taking square-root of a set of fundamental physical constants, may not be… Expand


An Insight into Planck's Units: Explaining the Experimental-Observations of Lack of Quantum Structure of Space-Time
This letter presents an insight into Planck’s natural-units, that they are geometric-meanvalues of astronomical-quantities, like total-mass of the universe M0 and mass corresponding toExpand
Preliminary Note on the Masses of the Electron, the Proton, and the Universe
In an investigation which I hope to publish shortly, I think I have been able to improve my theory of the constant hc /2π e 2 and to bring it at last into a precise form. No alteration is made in theExpand
Large Number Hypothesis: A Review
Large dimensionless numbers, arising out of ratios of various physical constants, intrigued many scientists, especially Dirac. Relying on the coincidence of large numbers, Dirac arrived at theExpand
Gravitation And Cosmology
The gravitation and cosmology is universally compatible with any devices to read and is available in the book collection an online access to it is set as public so you can get it instantly. Expand
Astrophysics and space science
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The Cosmological Constants
PROF. P. A. M. DIRAC'S recent letter in NATURE1 encourages me to direct attention to certain ‘coincidences’ which I had noticed some years ago, but which I have been hesitating to publish from theExpand
Indication, from Pioneer 10 / 11, Galileo, and Ulysses data, of an apparent anomalous, weak, long range acceleration
Radio metric data from the Pioneer 10/11, Galileo, and Ulysses spacecraft indicate an apparent anomalous, constant, acceleration acting on the spacecraft with a magnitudeExpand
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Explanation for the recurrence of " Large Number " 10 40 in astrophysics
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