• Mathematics
  • Published 2003

Limit laws for disparities of spacings

  title={Limit laws for disparities of spacings},
  author={Domingo Morales Gonz{\'a}lez and Leandro Pardo Llorente and Mar{\'i}a del Carmen Llorente and Igor Vadja},
Disparities of spacings mean the phi-disparities D-phi((q) over bar (n), p(n)) of discrete hypothetical and empirical distributions g and p(n) defined by m-spacings on i.i.d. samples of size n where phi: (0, infinity) \--> HR is twice continuously differentiable in a neighborhood of 1 and strictly convex at 1. It is shown that a slight modification of the disparity statistics introduced for testing the goodness-of-fit in 1986 by Hall are the phi-disparity statistics D-n(phi) = nD(phi) ((q) over… CONTINUE READING