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Liminal to Liminoid, in Play, Flow, and Ritual: An Essay in Comparative Symbology

  title={Liminal to Liminoid, in Play, Flow, and Ritual: An Essay in Comparative Symbology},
  author={Victor Witter Turner},
  journal={Rice Institute Pamphlet - Rice University Studies},
  • V. Turner
  • Published 1 July 1974
  • Linguistics
  • Rice Institute Pamphlet - Rice University Studies
First I will describe what 1 mean by "comparative symbology" and how, in a broad way, it differs from such disciplines as "semiotics" (or "semiology") and "symbolic anthropology," which are also concerned with the study of such terms as symbols, signs, signals, significations, icons, signifiers, signif ied~, sign-vehicles, and so on. Here, I want to discuss some of the types of sociocultural processes and settings in which new symbols, verbal and nonverbal, tend to be generated. This will lead… 

Liminality Wanted. Liminal landscapes and literary spaces: The Way of St. James

Abstract The term limen was introduced to anthropological studies following Van Gennep’s theories (1960) about liminality. Among them, Victor and Edith Turner (1978) defined pilgrimage as a liminal

From Liminal to Liminoid: Eminem's Trickstering

Abstract in English:in English: Eminem’s work has been examined under a multitude o f academic lenses, often crossdisciplinary. In this thesis I draw heavily on soci aland cultural-anthropological


This article presents an ethnographic analysis of object and role transformations in the social pretend play of Huli (Papua New Guinea) children. It focuses on how these child actors enact their

On the Way: Pilgrimage and Liminal Experiences

This chapter explores pilgrimage from the lens of liminality. Pilgrimage is a quintessential liminal activity, a world within and between worlds (Stenner, this volume, p. 3). As I will discuss in

Theater of "bóias-frias": rethinking anthropology of performance

The anthropology of performance, as understood by Victor Turner, provides interesting perspectives for the analysis of what may be referred to as the "theater of boias-frias". Conversely, this

Liminality in Latife Tekin’s Berji Kristin: Tales from the Garbage Hills

The concept of liminality, which is primarily an anthropological term, is not new, but in fact it is a neglected area in Turkish literary and cultural studies. The concept of liminality and its

Crossing limits: liminality and transgression in contemporary Scottish fiction

In my thesis, I aim to show that a focus on liminality in contemporary Scottish fictional texts illustrates underlying developments of relevant social phenomena with regard to class issues, gender

Qohelet as liminal intellectualism

Qohelet is one of the most fascinating books in the Hebrew Bible because it falls outside of the confides of what it is deemed as orthodox in terms of genre, literary components and theology.


conception of adventure, this article considers the ways in which a sense of agency is created by working-class Jamaicans through their presentation of self in narrative. Adventure, as an aesthetic

The Function of the Epic in Latin Culture: The Waltharius And Carolingian Attitudes Towards Marriage

When Virgil wrote his Aeneid he was, according to Brooks, Otis, giving new breath and life to a form some 700 years obsolete'!. The present paper surveys the history of the Latin epic in the 1200



" Social Mobility and Social Class in Industrial Communities , " in

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