Limb ischemia preconditions the heart against reperfusion tachyarrhythmia.

  title={Limb ischemia preconditions the heart against reperfusion tachyarrhythmia.},
  author={Tatyana Oxman and Marina Arad and Rodica Klein and Natalie Avazov and Bella Rabinowitz},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={273 4 Pt 2},
We investigated the hypothesis that a cardioprotective, antiarrhythmic effect might be obtained by brief ischemia of a remote part of the body before ischemia of the heart. Regional ischemia (RI) was induced in isolated Langendorff-perfused rat hearts: group I, 30-min RI and reperfusion (control hearts; n = 18); group II, 5-min RI before 30-min RI (a reference group of "classic" ischemic preconditioning; n = 12); and group III, ischemic preconditioning with in vivo 10-min limb ischemia (LI… CONTINUE READING


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