Limb and skin abnormalities in mice lacking IKKalpha.

  title={Limb and skin abnormalities in mice lacking IKKalpha.},
  author={Kiyoshi Takeda and Osamu Takeuchi and Tohru Tsujimura and Satoshi Itami and Osamu Adachi and Taro Kawai and Hideki Sanjo and Kenichi Yoshikawa and Naohiro Terada and Shizuo Akira},
  volume={284 5412},
The gene encoding inhibitor of kappa B (IkappaB) kinase alpha (IKKalpha; also called IKK1) was disrupted by gene targeting. IKKalpha-deficient mice died perinatally. In IKKalpha-deficient fetuses, limb outgrowth was severely impaired despite unaffected skeletal development. The epidermal cells in IKKalpha-deficient fetuses were highly proliferative with dysregulated epidermal differentiation. In the basal layer, degradation of IkappaB and nuclear localization of nuclear factor kappa B (NF… CONTINUE READING
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