Likely oscillatory motions of stochastic hyperelastic solids

  title={Likely oscillatory motions of stochastic hyperelastic solids},
  author={L. Angela Mihai and Danielle Fitt and Thomas E. Woolley and Alain Goriely},
  journal={Transactions of Mathematics and Its Applications},
Stochastic homogeneous hyperelastic solids are characterized by strain-energy densities where the parameters are random variables defined by probability density functions. These models allow for the propagation of uncertainties from input data to output quantities of interest. To investigate the effect of probabilistic parameters on predicted mechanical responses, we study radial oscillations of cylindrical and spherical shells of stochastic incompressible isotropic hyperelastic material… 

Likely cavitation and radial motion of stochastic elastic spheres

Here, this problem within the context of ``stochastic elasticity'' where the elastic parameters are characterised by probability density functions is studied, and it is shown that the material at the centre determines the critical load at which a spherical cavity forms there.

Likely chirality of stochastic anisotropic hyperelastic tubes

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When an elastic tube reinforced with helical fibres is inflated, its ends rotate. In large deformations, the amount and chirality of rotation is highly non-trivial, as it depends on the choice of

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We revisit the classic problem of elastic cavitation within the framework of stochastic elasticity. For the deterministic elastic problem, involving homogeneous isotropic incompressible hyperelastic