Likely cavitation and radial motion of stochastic elastic spheres

  title={Likely cavitation and radial motion of stochastic elastic spheres},
  author={L Angela Mihai and Thomas E. Woolley and Alain Goriely},
  pages={1987 - 2034}
The cavitation of solid elastic spheres is a classical problem of continuum mechanics. Here, we study this problem within the context of ‘stochastic elasticity’ where the constitutive parameters are characterised by probability density functions. We consider homogeneous spheres of stochastic neo-Hookean material, composites with two concentric stochastic neo-Hookean phases, and inhomogeneous spheres of locally neo-Hookean material with a radially varying parameter. In all cases, we show that… 

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Cavitation in nonlinear elastodynamics for neo-Hookean materials

Discontinuous equilibrium solutions and cavitation in nonlinear elasticity

  • J. Ball
  • Mathematics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1982
A study is made of a class of singular solutions to the equations of nonlinear elastostatics in which a spherical cavity forms at the centre of a ball of isotropic material placed in tension by means

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It is found that cavitation in an inhomogeneous soft solid can be greatly different from that in a homogenous one, and the relationship between the applied hydrostatic tension and the cavity size can be either monotonic or non-monotonic, depending on the geometry and material properties of the soft solid.

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The small amplitude radial oscillation and infinitesimal stability about an equilibrium configuration of an arbitrary incompressible, isotropic and homogeneous elastic spherical shell under constant