Likelihood Estimation of the Multivariate Logistic 1


MILLER. J. P, McCRATE, M. M., PROVINCE. M •• and WETTE, R. Max.imum Likelihood Estimation of the Multivariate Logistic. pp. 303-30S.In Strand, R. H. (ed.), Proc. Third Annual Conference of the SAS Userls Group International, SAS Institute, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina, 318 pp. A frequent problem occurring in the analysis of clinical studies is the construction of a risk function which allows the calculation of the probability of some outcome such as death on the basis of a training set of observations. In this training set, the observations are identified as belonging to either population ITO or IT l • AS90~ ciated with @ach observation is a vector X of length p which is composed of observations on various symptoms or laboratory measurements which are to be used to calculate the probability of membership in ITi. A common model for p{TIil~) is that of the muleivariage logistic i.e.

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