Like the Sound of the Sea Deep within a Shell: Paul de Man's War

  title={Like the Sound of the Sea Deep within a Shell: Paul de Man's War},
  author={Jacques Derrida and Peggy Kamuf},
  journal={Critical Inquiry},
  pages={590 - 652}
(An illustration of) Jacques Derrida at the limits of the historicist chronotype
ABSTRACT This article’s chief contention is that the decisive context of Jacques Derrida’s 1988 Critical Inquiry essay on Paul de Man’s past was the oscillation between the collapse of theExpand
Justifying the Humanities
  • E. Apter
  • Philosophy
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  • 2019
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How Do We Do Biodeconstruction?
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My Sea
The piece takes as its inspiration Jacques Derrida’s article ‘Like the Sound of the Sea Deep within a Shell: Paul de Man’s War’ (1988) through which Šimić understands her choice of the sea as her ownExpand
‘I am two distinct beings’: Paul de Man’s authenticating project
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A few words for Axel Vander: John Banville and the pursuit of deconstruction
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“Knowledge and taste go together”: Postdramatic Theatre, Écriture Féminine, and Feminist Politics
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