Like the Rhinoceros, or Like Its Horn? The Problem of Khaggavisāṇa Revisited

  title={Like the Rhinoceros, or Like Its Horn? The Problem of Khaggavisāṇa Revisited},
  author={Dhivan Thomas Jones},
  journal={Buddhist Studies Review},
The Pāli expression khaggavisāṇakappo may either mean ‘like the rhinoceros’ or ‘like the horn of the rhinoceros’. It occurs in the refrain eko care khaggavisāṇakappo at the end of each stanza of the Khaggavisāṇa-sutta and its parallels, and the refrain has been translated by some as ‘one should wander alone like the rhinoceros’ but by some, including K. R. Norman, as ‘one should wander alone like the horn of the rhinoceros’. K. R. Norman has however set out his reasons for regarding ‘like the… 
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