Lignans from the stem bark of Syringa pinnatifolia.

  title={Lignans from the stem bark of Syringa pinnatifolia.},
  author={Guozhu Su and Ruifei Zhang and Xinyao Yang and Ruifeng Bai and Xu Ju Yin and Xiaoli Gao and Li Li and Pengfei Tu and Xingyun Chai},
Four new lignans, alashinols A-D (1-4), a new hydrolysis product, alashinols E (5), and seven known analogues were isolated from the stem bark of Syringa pinnatifolia Hemsl. These new lignans were characterized using 1D and 2D NMR and MS data, and their absolute configurations were determined by experimental and calculated electronic circular dichroism and X-ray diffraction analyses. Alashinol B (2) exhibited two conformers that adopted an unusual unit cell packing. Anti-inflammatory evaluation… CONTINUE READING