Lignans and sesquiterpene lactones from Artemisia sieversiana and Inula racemosa.

  title={Lignans and sesquiterpene lactones from Artemisia sieversiana and Inula racemosa.},
  author={Ren Xiang Tan and Hong-fan Tang and Jingfeng Hu and Bin Shuai},
  volume={49 1},
The aerial parts of Artemisia sieversiana afforded, in addition to beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol and daucosterol, two novel lignans as well as one known and three new guaianolides. The roots of Inula racemosa gave beta-sitosterol, daucosterol and isoalantolactone. The structures were determined by a combination of spectral methods (IR, EIMS, 1H and 13C NMR, DEPT, COSY, NOESY and HETCOR). All isolates were subjected to antifungal tests. Isoalantolactone, a major sesquiterpene lactone of I… CONTINUE READING
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