Lightweight Helmet with Rotating Permanent Magnets for Brain Injury Rehabilitation


This project is concerned with the development of a wearable transcranial magnetic therapeutic device that employs a mechanism of rotating permanent magnets. The device is intended for the enhancement of brain injury rehabilitation. Rare earth magnets are mechanically rotated to generate timevarying magnetic fields on specific injured areas of the brain. Each therapeutic probe consists of two neodymium disc magnets arranged in a concave position toward the brain and enclosed in a customized 3D-printed housing. The magnet holder is rotated with a DC motor controlled by a microprocessor and a pulse width modulator for the desirable rotational speed, timing, and treatment protocol. The components are integrated in a lightweight helmet suitable for frequent rehabilitation sessions over a prolonged period of time or for at-home use. The effectiveness of the low-level, mechanically varied magnetic field therapy will be further studied in future clinical investigations. Keywords—brain injury; rehabilitation; permanent magnet; wearable; rotation mechanism; transcranial magnetic stimulation; static magnetic field therapy

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