Lightweight Anonymous Routing for Reliability in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks


Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) are particularly vulnerable on account of their intrinsic characteristics of open medium, dynamic topology, absence of central authorities, distributed cooperation and constrained capability. These vulnerabilities create significant challenges for routing protocols operating in the entire network. Anonymous routing is a value-added technique used in MANET for the purposes of security and privacy concerns. It has inspired a lot of research interest, that struggle for complete anonymity, but very few measures exist to efficiently and reliably preserve communication with simplified anonymity. The feature aims at the applied purpose of MANET. This paper proposes a trust-aware and lightweight anonymous routing protocol in which only trustworthy intermediate nodes can participate in activities of data forwarding. The key features of our scheme include the accomplishment of anonymity-related goals, trust-aware anonymous routing, effective pseudonym management and lightweight overhead in computation, communication and storage. ACM Classification: C2.2 (Computer-communication networks): Network protocols—Routing protocols, E.3 (Data Encryption)

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